• A brand new Xbox One console can cost . So, if you plan on replacing your Xbox one entirely, you could be forced to spend almost . However, if you simply get your broken one repaired, it can cost significantly less than this.

  • The cost of an out-of-warranty console repair varies: .99 plus tax, if you submit a repair request online. .99 plus tax, if you contact Xbox Support and have a support agent create the repair order for you.

    Furthermore, can Gamestop fix consoles? Gamestop offers Xbox One repairs, PS4 repairs, Nintendo Switch repairs. We also repair Xbox one controllers, PS4 controllers, Nintendo Switch controllers and Nintendo Switch docking stations. We repair all kinds of issues for consoles and controllers for one low price.

    Considering this, how do I get my Xbox one repaired?

    Getting your Xbox console or Kinect sensor serviced

    1. Sign in to the Device repair page with your Microsoft account credentials.
    2. In the Overview section of the Device repair page, select Repair my device.
    3. Follow the onscreen steps to complete your service order request.

    How long does it take Microsoft to fix your Xbox one?

    Usually a repair turn around time is 2-4 weeks but usually less. If Microsoft says it is gone but FedEx says they dont have it and the tracking number is still invalid you should contact Microsoft again and ask for a supervisor if they cant help because in theory it is still in Microsofts control.

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