• It's easy to unfreeze your Venmo account ifyou have insufficient funds — simply transfer enoughmoney to your Venmo account to cover the debt and itshould unfreeze in a few days. However, if Venmo hasfrozen your account for violating policies,you'll have to contact Venmo to unfreezeit.

  • Temporarily Frozen Account. If you received anemail that a recent transaction you made from a bank accounthas failed, youll want to login from a computer and head tovenmo.com/recover to resolve the issue. Your accountwill also be temporarily frozen until the funds are paidback.

    Similarly, how long will venmo hold money? In that case, your authorization of the paymentwill remain valid until the merchant completes thetransaction and we may place a temporary hold on themoney in your Venmo account for the payment amount(but no longer than 30 days).

    Also asked, can I close my venmo account?

    Close Your Venmo Account. In order toclose (cancel) your Venmo account, pleasefollow this link from a desktop computer browser and click“Close my Venmo account at the bottom ofthe page. At this time Venmo accounts can only beclosed from a computer, not a mobile device or in theapp.

    Can you make a new venmo account?

    Venmo does not currently allow two separate usersto have the same bank account added to their accountsfor security reasons. If youd like to transfer the jointbank account from one Venmo account to the other,we can help! Well just need the consent of the ownerof the Venmo account currently using the bankaccount.

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