• Inject wood glue into the joints or separations where the slat enters the sides of the door. If you see uneven proportions or spaces between gaps, tap wooden wedges between adjoining slats to even the gaps. Tap 1 1/4-inch brads into the holes using a hammer. Set the nails below the surface using a nailset and hammer.

  • How to Replace a Broken Slat on a Louvered Door

    1. Open the closet door and brace it from behind with your foot.
    2. Work from the back of the door and place a narrow-blade wood chisel at the top of the slot that the broken slat slides into.
    3. Remove the broken slat by tapping it with a screwdriver and mallet from the front side of the door.

    One may also ask, how do you replace slats for louvered doors with panels? How to Replace Slats From Louver Doors With Panels

    1. Examine the doors to determine how the louver slats are attached.
    2. Use a jigsaw to cut away slats attached with wooden louver pins or dowels, or lightweight metal pins or dowels.
    3. Remove the hinge hardware for the door with a screwdriver.
    4. Sand the edges smooth where you removed the dowels.

    Also to know is, what can you replace louvered doors with?

    Bifold doors, curtains or sliding doors can be alternatives and can be matched to complement your style. A fresh coat of paint can spruce up a functioning set of louvered or shuttered closet doors but take care not to allow any drips on the track and watch for drips between slats.

    How do you remove a louver from a door?

    Insert the blade of a handsaw into the opening created by the missing louvers. Cut straight down through the center of all the louvers one at a time. Pull each half from the channel on both sides. Discard them.

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