• Cost of Cambridge Pavers

    Cambridge Paver Costs Zip Code     Basic Best   Cambridge Paver – Installation Cost **.00** - **.00** .00 - .00   Cambridge Paver – Total **.00** - **.00** .00 - .00   Cambridge Paver – Total Average Cost per square foot .45 .00

  • Brick pavers generally cost 50 cents or more per brick or between and per square foot, but expect higher prices if you choose unusual sizes, rare colors or odd shapes. Some price quotes for brick pavers include: Red brick pavers: sh.50 - per brick. Gray brick pavers: sh.50 - per brick.

    Secondly, do you need to seal Cambridge Pavers? Before sealing any surface one must ensure that there is no efflorescence in the pavers. Efflorescence is a natural process. Sealing is a personal choice based on aesthetic preferences, but is not necessary.

    Similarly, do Cambridge Pavers fade?

    Pavers without ArmorTec will look faded and ultimately, completely colorless as the sand, cement and color wear off” “Unlike other brands, [Cambridge pavingstones] have a smoother and denser, skid-resistant surface with rich color that will never fade or disappear even after several lifetimes of wear”

    Whats better Cambridge vs Nicolock?

    Nicolock has the color go through the paver, while Cambridge has only a super strong layer near the surface. They are both pretty much about the same and will last a long time, so dont be sucked in by any particular lines of propaganda from these or any paver manufacturers.

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