• D8, 8-sided dice. Perfect for generatingrandom numbers between 1 and 8. Includes various kinds of eightsided dice, including speckled elemental dice,pearlized dice, glitter dice, crystal-shapeddice, and more.

  • 8 Sided Dice (D8)

    Similarly, what is a fair dice? Fair Dice. In mathematics we say fairdice when we mean that there is an equally likely chance oflanding on any face. Or this 20-sided Roman die that is1,800 years old.

    Similarly one may ask, what are the DandD dice used for?

    In general, the D4, D6, D8, D10 and D12 are usedfor weapons damage, attacks, spells and healing amounts. TheD20 is used most often, to see if your attemptedaction succeeds. Check out the detailed descriptions below, or jumpright into our store to find unforgettable metal dice orpolymer dice today.

    What shape is a d8?

    The four-sided dice (also known as a d4) is typicallyshaped like a 3-sided pyramid (with the fourth side beingthe base), although alternative shapes are occasionallyseen. The eight-sided dice (d8) is the shape of anoctahedron. The 12-sided dice is a dodecahedron, where each face isa regular pentagon.

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