• A hotel pan is the same as a steam table pan, counter pan, or service pan. They are the large rectangular pans that food is served out of when you are at a wedding reception, banquet, or eating from a buffet.

  • Sheet pans and hotel pans make especially good organizers as they are heavy-duty and multipurpose, especially as compared to plastic boxes. You can actually cook in them! I dont use these 1/3-size hotel pans very often (as you can see I have them labeled — although those labels peel off easily).

    Additionally, what is food pan? Food pans are used in every stage of the food preparation and presentation process. But from assembly to display, the types of food pans that restaurateurs and caterers use are not all created equal.

    Similarly, what is a 600 pan?

    400 Pan Refers to the depth of a Hotel Pan being 4 inches deep. 600 Pan Refers to the depth of a Hotel Pan being 6 inches deep.

    How much does a hotel pan feed?

    2 1/2 hotel pan holds roughly 50 servings give or take. One filled with baked beans will feed 60-70 people yet it will only feed 40 for mac n cheese so it really depends on what you put in them. As a guideline though you can figure a minimum of 25 serving from a half pan and 50 servings from a full.

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