• Home Depot prices, we drew up a list of items from flooring to lumber to mulch. ,382.50 at Home Depot. On our more general shopping list, 11 products were cheaper at Lowe's, with average savings of just over 13 percent. Home Depot undercut Lowe's on only 9 items, by an average of just over 9 percent.

  • When purchasing lumber for a building or home improvement project, both price and quality can vary between stores. In general, The Home Depot has the lowest prices on lumber, and Lowes prices are typically just a few cents more.

    Similarly, is a lumber yard cheaper than Home Depot? Lumber can be cheaper from local lumber yards, for example Parr Lumber. The lumber from these yards is generally better, but at lowes/etc you can cherry pick more easily. Fastners are cheaper elsewhere if youre buying a significant amount of them.

    Consequently, is Home Depot or Lowes cheaper?

    Like many retail environments, you will find Home Depot is cheaper on some things, Lowes will be cheaper on some others. Grocery stores are exactly the same.

    How much does it cost to get wood cut at Lowes?

    Lowes can but there are some differences between each store. Some will charge after the 3rd cut. Typically,it is sh.50 for each additional cut.

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