• The 1995 NBA Finals was the championship round of the 1994–95 National Basketball Association (NBA) season.

    1995 NBA Finals.

    Team Coach **Wins** Houston Rockets Rudy Tomjanovich 4 Orlando Magic Brian Hill 0   Eastern **Finals** Magic defeat Pacers, 4–3   Western **Finals** Rockets defeat Spurs, 4–2

  • Houston Rockets

    Furthermore, what seed were the Rockets in 1994? Of the 73 champions in NBA history, there is only one that claimed the title via the 6th seed, the 94-95 Houston Rockets. They beat in succession the 60 win Utah Jazz, the 59 win Phoenix Suns, the 62 win San Antonio Spurs and the 57 win Orlando Magic; all without home court advantage.

    In this regard, who won the 1995 NBA championship?

    Houston Rockets

    How many NBA teams were there in 1995?

    1995–96 NBA season League National Basketball Association Sport Basketball Duration November 3, 1995 – April 21, 1996 April 25 – June 2, 1996 (Playoffs) June 5 – 16, 1996 (Finals) Number of teams 29

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