• Phosphorus-32

    General   Symbol 32P   Names phosphorus-32, P-32   Protons 15   **Neutrons** 17

  • List of isotopes

    Nuclide Z Half-life Excitation energy 30P 15 2.498(4) min 31P 15 Stable 32P 15 14.268(5) d
    Likewise, what is phosphorus 32 used for? Chromic phosphate P 32 is used to treat cancer or related problems. It is put by catheter into the pleura (sac that contains the lungs) or into the peritoneum (sac that contains the liver, stomach, and intestines) to treat the leaking of fluid inside these areas that is caused by cancer.

    Thereof, what type of radiation does phosphorus 32 emit?

    beta particles

    What is the mass number of phosphorus 32?

    Phosphorus-32 atom is the radioactive isotope of phosphorus with relative atomic mass 31.973907 and half-life of 14.26 days. Phosphorus P-32 is a radioactive isotope of phosphorus with beta particle-emitting radiocytotoxic activity.

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