• Top 10 Hardest Metallica Songs to Play on the Guitar

    • The Frayed Ends of Sanity. The name suits this song well.
    • Damage. Inc.
    • Disposable Heroes. This one has so much downpicking it will make your wrist hurt.
    • Master of Puppets.
    • Creeping Death.
    • Ride the Lightning.
    • Battery.
    • Blackened.

  • The easiest song played by metallica is Whiskey in the jar. Ive heard Hero of the Day isnt too bad. The first full song I learned on guitar by them is Seek and Destroy. Its a good combination of moderate speed and fun riffs.

    Furthermore, is seek and destroy hard to play? By far Seek and Destroy is the most popular song off of Metallicas debut album Kill Em All. It deserves this distinction for good reason. Of all the Metallica songs, Seek and Destroy is one of the easiest to play. At least when we are referring to the main riffs of the song.

    Regarding this, what is the longest Metallica song ever?

    Since the release of Death Magnetic, Suicide and Redemption claims the title for longest studio recorded Metallica song released on an album at 9:58, although Mercyful Fate from Garage Inc. holds the title for longest studio song at 11:12, though not only is it a cover, it is a medley of 5 different songs.

    Is Master of Puppets hard to play on guitar?

    Anyhow, Master of Puppets is easy to play until you get to ze spider riff. If youre a beginner, then that part will come quite hard to you (it did to me). The rythm bit of the interlude is pretty easy, its reptitive and comes naturally if you know your chords. The lead bit is easy at first but gets relatively harder.

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