• NFL Career Leaders - Passing Interceptions

      Passing    Player Int   9. **Peyton Manning**P. **Manning**, 1998-15 251   10. Jim HartJ. Hart, 1966-84 247   11. Eli **Manning**E. **Manning**, 2004-19 244

  • Leaders

    Rank Player Int 1 Brett Favre 336 2 George Blanda 277 3 John Hadl 268 4 Vinny Testaverde 267
    what NFL quarterback has the most interceptions? Top 5 NFL quarterbacks with most career interceptions

    • Brett Favre 336 (1991-2010) Favre will likely hold on to that honor for a long time, as no active player is close to achieving that mark.
    • George Blanda 277 (1949-1975)
    • John Hadl 268 (1962-1977)
    • Vinny Testaverde 267 (1987-2007)
    • Fran Tarkenton 266 (1961-1978)

    In this manner, who has the most career interceptions?

    Favre finished his career with 336 interceptions, and he is the only quarterback to ever top 280. George Blanda is in second place with 277, and the nearest active players are Drew Brees and Eli Manning, who each have 228.

    Who has thrown the most pick sixes in NFL history?

    The list of the quarterbacks with the most pick-sixes in NFL history is a list of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers: Brett Favre is first with 31, Dan Marino and Joe Namath are tied for second with 28, and Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are tied for fourth with 27.

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