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    3, where they have stored the Nuke. The Master is killed moments later, after taking over the body of Ephraim Goodweather, when Eph's son Zach detonates the Nuke, killing himself, the Master and finally freeing the world from him and his Strain.

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    Although Zach shot at The Master and tried to take him out, in the end The Master transferred to Ephs body in a gory rainfall of oozing worms. It was the last straw Zach needed to take the lead Strigoi out himself as he apologized to his father for what he had done, said “I love you” and then detonated the bomb.

    Also, does Zach die in the strain? At the end of the book series, Mr. Quinlan, along with his father Eph, and Zach himself are killed when a nuclear weapon is detonated on an island. But with the detonation also takes the life of the Master and his vampires, and eventually his strain is permanently eradicated.

    Similarly, why was the strain Cancelled?

    The show is not being cancelled, its creators insist — in a statement, Cuse notes that the series was originally envisioned to last for three seasons, but was expanded to a fourth to properly conclude the story. It is a true joy to work at FX where creative intentions always come first, said Cuse.

    What happened to Dutch on the strain?

    In episode 11, Dutch is tortured by Eichhorst in the white room in a lot of ways. Including an almost rape with his strigoi tongue. After that, she manages to escape spraying him with a pepper spray but is caught again just to be saved by Fet and his silver bomb.

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