• MagniLife Fibromyalgia Relief Tablets is asupplement containing hypericum perforatum, aconitum napellus,arsenicum acidum, belladonna, conium, gelsemium sempervirens, kalibichromicum, lacticum acidum, phosphoricum acidum, rhustoxicodendron and uricum acidum.

  • Active ingredients (in each tablet): capsicumannum (6x hpus), colocynthis (6x hpus), gnaphalium polycephalum (6xhpus), magnesia phosphorica (6x hpus). Inactive ingredients:lactose, magnesium stearate, microcrystallinecellulose.

    Additionally, what is MagniLife sciatica relief? <p>MagniLife Sciatica Relief Pain RelieverTablets temporarily relieve the pain, tingling and numbness in thelower back, buttocks and legs. MagniLife provides naturalpain relief and is safe to take with other medications.Quick-dissolving tablets provide fastrelief.</p>

    One may also ask, what is MagniLife cream?

    Intense moisturizing treatment developed to meet theneeds of people who suffer from severely dry, cracked, itchy skin.Calms shooting, stabbing, and burning sensations caused by nervepain. Softens hardened, callused skin to eliminate painful cracksand fissures. Clinically proven. Penetrates quickly.

    Is Magnilife FDA approved?

    Yes, MagniLife remedies are fully regulated asdrugs by the FDA and all the components of our tablets areofficially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of theUnited States. As required by the FDA, our products haveNational Drug Codes registered with the federalgovernment.

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