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    Former Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox has filed for divorce from singer-actress Vanessa Williams. The couple have been married for five years and have a 4-year-old daughter, Sasha, Fox's spokeswoman, Staci Wolfe, said Tuesday. Fox, who played with the Lakers for seven years, was traded last week to the Boston Celtics.

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    Vanessa L. Williams m. 1999–2005

    how much is Rick Fox worth? Rick Fox net worth: Rick Fox is a Canadian actor and former professional basketball player who has a net worth of million. Rick Fox earned his net worth through his thirteen year career in the NBA playing for the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as his career acting in television and films.

    Secondly, is Vanessa Williams currently married?

    Jim Skrip m. 2015 Rick Fox m. 1999–2005 Ramon Hervey II m. 1987–1997

    Who is Vanessa Williams ex husband?

    Rick Fox 1999 – 2005 Ramon Hervey II 1987 – 1997

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