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    You can not use regular rubber line with a brake system. First, even with a barbed or rolled end, the clamps will not stand up to the 100 psi. Second, brake fluid is not kind to rubber hoses.

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    No, you need to either replace the whole line or splice in a piece of brake line to replace the bad part. Have a break in the brake line that runs from the front to rear drivers side on a 80 - can the rusty section be replaced with a piece of rubber hose without issue?

    Also Know, can you duct tape a brake line? Absolutely not. Ill grant you that duct tape is an amazing product. It can be used in everything from outerwear to appendicitis surgery. But it cant fix your brake lines.

    Also, how long do rubber brake hoses last?

    about six years

    Can I use hydraulic hose for brake line?

    Subject: RE: Hydraulic hose for brake line. Dont use hydraulic hose!! The inside of the hose will deteriorate with brake fluid and become gummy and collapse . Clog everything up and youll have a real mess on your hands.

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