• Albania

    • Albania, country in southern Europe, located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula on the Strait of Otranto, the southern entrance to the Adriatic Sea.
    • The capital city is Tirana ( Tiranë).

    Albania has so much to offer, here are some of the things Albania is known for.

    • Accursed Mountains: Experiencing some of Albania's best scenery on the wonderful day-trek between the isolated mountain villages of Valbona and Theth.
    • Berat: Exploring this Unesco World Heritage–listed museum town, known as the 'city of a thousand windows'.
    • Albanian Riviera: Catching some sun at just one of the many gorgeous beaches on the Albanian Riviera.
    • Tirana: Feasting your eyes on the wild colour schemes and experiencing Blloku cafe culture in the plucky Albanian capital.
    • Gjirokastra: Taking a trip to this traditional Albanian mountain town, with its spectacular Ottoman-era mansions and impressive hilltop fortress.
    • Butrint: Searching for the ghosts of ancient Greece and Rome among the forest-dappled ruins of one of Europe's finest archaeological sites.

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