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    • Nicaragua is located in Americas.

    • The Central American country of Nicaragua is part of the connection between North America and South America. Also called the Republic of Nicaragua, this country in Central America is five other countries. In the northeast, Nicaragua also lies along the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

    • The GPS coordinates of Nicaragua are 12.8654° N and 85.2072° W. The first point is known as the latitudinal coordinate of Nicaragua. With a cardinal direction in the north, it is evident that Nicaragua is situated above the equator. A country’s latitude also expresses which hemisphere - north or south - a country is located in, and based on its coordinates, Nicaragua is part of the northern hemisphere. The second point is the longitude. Nicaragua’s longitudinal coordinate shows that the country is also in the western hemisphere.

    • In the north, the country of Nicaragua extends to the furthest point of 15°01' N. This point is just outside of the Nicaraguan city, Liwa Sirpe. Nicaragua’s northernmost point is the 116th most northern extreme point compared to every country in the world. To the south, Nicaragua’s point of extremity has a latitude of 10°43' N. This point is found in the municipality, La Trinidad, in the department of Río San Juan.

    • The easternmost point of Nicaragua is in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, which happens to be one of only two autonomous regions in Nicaragua. The coordinate of the eastern extremity is 82°46' W. More specifically; this point can be found on the archipelago of Miskito Cays. In the west, Nicaragua’s furthest point is along the Gulf of Fonseca. The most extreme western point has a longitude of 87°40' W, placing this point of extremity in the Nicaraguan department of Chinandega.

    • Nicaragua’s total area ranks as number 96 on the list of countries in order of largest entire regions. There is an estimated number of 50,338 square miles of land and water areas in Nicaragua.

    • With a population of 6,316,889 people, the country of Nicaragua has the 100th highest population size across the globe. Nicaragua is the 166th most dense country in regards to population, which places the country right before Guinea-Bissau and right before Palau.

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