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    Perching on shoulders

    A tamed parrot on the ground can be made toperch on its player's shoulder by moving throughthe parrot.

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    The parrot is not yet tamed. Continue to feedthe parrot more seeds until you see red hearts appear allaround the parrot. This means that the parrot isbeing tamed. Once the taming process is complete, thehearts will disappear and the parrot will be tame and wantto sit on your shoulder.

    Similarly, can you tame a polar bear in Minecraft? Polar Bears are one of the new mobs inversion 1.0.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. They areneutral animals which can be found spawning in snow biomes.This addon makes it possible to tame the bears byfeeding them fish and then keep them as a pet. They willfollow you around and even allow you to ridethem.

    Also question is, what is the easiest way to find a parrot in Minecraft?

    In Minecraft, parrots can be found in theJungle biome. If you are having trouble finding aparrot, you can summon a parrot using a cheat or youcan use a spawn egg.

    How do you tame a bat in Minecraft?

    PetBat mod allows you to tame a bat that willaccompany you and help you fighting mobs. To do so you need a wildbat (found in caves) and a pumpkin pie. Right click with thepie on the bat to tame it.

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