• timid(a.) Synonyms: timorous, fearful,nervous, skittish, shy, cowardly, pusillanimous, faint-hearted,chicken-hearted, easily frightened, not bold.

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    fainthearted, fearful, timorous, hesitant,pusillanimous, apprehensive, frightened, nervous, unnerved,tremulous, overcautious, spiritless, weak, weak-kneed,poor-spirited, shaky, feeble, daunted, browbeaten, cowed,intimidated, spineless, cowering, soft*, yellow*, scared spitless*,chicken-livered*, chicken-hearted*,

    Beside above, what is the opposite timid? timid. Antonyms: bold, confident, venturesome,courageous, overventuresome, rash, audacious. Synonyms: fearful,pusillanimous, shy, diffident, coy, timorous, afraid, cowerly,fainthearted, inadventurous.

    Beside this, what is a timid person?

    timid. Timid means overly cautious orfearful, like a timid driver who drives very slowly oravoids highways altogether. Timid comes from the MiddleFrench word timide, meaning easily frightened, shy.

    Is Timid the same as shy?

    ymc said: I would say shy is for someone wholacks confidence, whilst timid is for someone who isshy but also scared at the same time.

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