• Zhuyin Fuhao, often shortened as zhuyin and commonly called bopomofo, is a type of sound-based writing for the Chinese language. For Chinese speakers who were first introduced to the Zhuyin system, bopomofo means zhuyin fuhao.

  • when you reach the Add Input Language part, select Chinese(Traditional) - Phonetic, then save setting, then switch your IME to Chinese(Traditional) - Phonetic, press any bopomofo characters you want, then press space bar, the characters you want should appear(sometimes you have to select them from a list).

    Also Know, how Taiwanese type is Chinese? Character Based System: Wubi and Cangjie in China, the second most popular Chinese input method is Wubi. Its a shape based system. In Taiwan, the second most popular Chinese input method is Cangjie. Its a shape based system.

    Also to know is, how do I use Microsoft bopomofo?

    FAQ: How to use the Microsoft Bopomofo (Microsoft New Phonetic) Chinese Input Method Candidate List

    1. After you type a character using Pinyin (or Zhuyin, etc.), press the <space bar> or a tone number (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5).
    2. While the character is underlined, press <down arrow> and the candidate list will appear:

    How do you use the zhuyin keyboard?

    To use the Zhuyin input method, make sure that input conversion is on and press F7 to turn on Zhuyin mode. The status area, as shown in the following figure, shows that the Zhuyin mode is on. The following is an example of using Zhuyin input method to type a Zhuyin phonetic character.

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