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    We like to place the Carolina Reaper seeds in sterile media and cover 1/4” deep. Then, we provide 85°F bottom heat using a seedling heat mat, and bright light, keeping the seeds moist at all times. Seeds will typically germinate in 7-21 days, but be patient, sometimes it takes longer!

  • Not when the plant fruits, but when it is capable of producing fruit. You could have another 90 days or more before you have ripe pepper pods. Some strains might take 120 days or more to fully mature. So now we are at 220 to 250 days between planting a seed and having a fresh and mature Carolina Reaper pepper to eat.

    Beside above, can you grow Carolina Reapers in the UK? Bedfordshire farmer Salvatore Genovese, who is the UKs largest chilli pepper grower and grows the Carolina Reaper exclusively for Tesco, said that this year the British-grown peppers will be 20 per cent spicier than usual.

    Also asked, how many seeds are in Carolina Reaper?

    In just 160 days youll have plants up to 3 feet tall that can produce dozens and dozens of delicious ripe Carolina Reaper Peppers that you can enjoy in all of your favorite dishes! You will receive 15/30 premium seeds per jar, sealed in a clear stand-up pouch.

    How long do Carolina Reaper seeds take to germinate?

    7-21 days

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