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    The Retail Commissions For Monat

    The commissions are set to pay out 30 – 40 percent on the purchase price on customer orders to the member that made the sale. Here are the percentage of payouts and qualifications to earn more percentage payout on the retail commission sales that Monat offers affiliates.

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    Youll earn 7% commission, according to the Monat Compensation Plan document. 200 PV * 7% = . This means if you achieve 200PV, you will earn a 7% commission of .

    Similarly, how much does a founder make in Monat? Current Founders are making ,000 additional a month (,000 a year!). It will continue to go up as the company grows.

    Accordingly, how much do you make selling Monat?

    They tell us that if you reach the rank of MMB with Monat, then you can expect annual earnings of between , and ,188. Even at the top of that range, Managing Market Builders earn less than per month.

    Is Monat a pyramid scheme?

    MONAT Global is not an outright pyramid scheme since you can sell products straight to customers. The more people you recruit as your downline, the more money you get when they start making sales. Even when your downlines recruit people under them, you will still get commissions from their sales.

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