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    You can change your name on your Pennsylvania title and/or registration by mail or in person. You cannot change your name online. You will need to complete the Application for Correction or Change of Name (MV-41A) and submit it to PennDOT by: Mailing it to the address on the form.

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    CHANGE NAME ON VEHICLE/TRAILER REGISTRATION AND TITLE If your name has changed due to marriage, divorce or another reason, you will need to complete form MV-41A. Side A of the form should be completed if you are only requesting an updated vehicle/trailer registration card.

    Similarly, do you have to take a new picture when you change your name on your license? Updating your drivers license with a new name must be done in person. Most states consider this change a part of the license renewal process, so you will need to take a new photograph, as well as pay the renewal fee. A certified copy of your marriage license (which, again, you will most likely get back).

    Consequently, how do I change my address on my vehicle registration in PA?

    To change your address for your vehicles registration, you will need: A completed Change of Address Form. Your vehicle title number.

    If Youre Moving Within Pennsylvania

    1. Fill out a Pennsylvania DMV change of address form online.
    2. Go to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
    3. Fill out a form by mail.

    How much does it cost to change name on car registration?

    There is no fee to change your name on your registration documents and title certificate. Forms: Vehicle Registration/Title Application (MV-82) http://dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv82.pdf.

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