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    • Turkey is located in Asia.

    • Turkey is both an Asian and a European country, situated between two central bodies of water. To the north, the Baltic Sea is along the coast of Turkey, while the Mediterranean Sea is below Turkey along its southern and southwestern borders. Though predominantly considered part of western Asia, Turkey is a transcontinental country, in reality, meaning that the country’s borders contain land areas that are part of more than one continent.

    • Turkey is situated at a latitude of 38.9637° N, and a longitude of 35.2433° E. These GPS coordinates refer to Turkey’s location on a map grid of the world. The latitude will tell you whether the country lies above or below the equator. Since Turkey has latitude in the north, the country is above the equator.

    • The most extreme points of Turkey pinpoint the exact location of Turkey’s furthest boundaries in each of the four cardinal directions. In the east, Turkey extends as far as the Igdir Province. With a longitude of 44°49’4” E, this locale is a tri-point between Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. The southernmost point of Turkey is in the Hatay Region, right along the Syrian-Turkey border. To the west, Turkey reaches a westernmost position of 25°39’56” E, which is on one of Madagascar’s smaller islands called Imbros Island, or Gokceada. In the north, Turkey’s furthest point is positioned within Cape Inceburun at a latitude of 42°06’ N. E

    • Turkey comprises a total area of approximately 302,455 square miles. The country is 98.7% land and 1.3% water. Around 3,931.94 square miles of Turkey’s total area is water-based. The remaining 298,523.06 square miles are the sum of all the land areas within Turkey’s borders.

    • Turkey is home to an estimated 82,419,791 people. The population of Turkey sounds rather large, but in comparison with the rest of the world, it is only 1.07% of the global population. However, the fact that Turkey is above 1% is impressive. The Republic of Turkey ranks as the 19th largest country in terms of population.

    • The population density of Turkey is roughly 272.5, which is then rounded up to a value of 273. This calculation produces a number that denotes how many people there are per square mile in Turkey. Approximately 273 people live in Turkey per square mile of Turkey’s total area.

  • According to my research half of turkey is in Europe and rest in Asia

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