• You can see that, even though all the gears in a clock make it look complicated, what a pendulum clock is doing is really pretty simple. There are five basic parts: Weight or spring - This provides the energy to turn the hands of the clock.

  • The Main Parts of a Wall Clock

    • Main Wheel: The gear train of a clock.
    • Escape Wheel: The pendulum or the toothed wheel that rotates in the escapement of a clock.
    • Minute Hand: The longer hand that indicates minutes.
    • Hour Hand: The shorter hand that points to the hour.
    • Case: The body that houses the components of a clock.

    Furthermore, what are the numbers on a clock called? A clock has numbers and hands. The long hand is called the minute hand. The short hand is called the hour hand. The long hand is pointing to the 12.

    In this manner, what is inside a clock?

    Inside a Wind-up Alarm Clock. By removing the stand, alarm bells, hands, face and mounting ring, you end up with the clock mechanism itself. This clock (like most table clocks and wrist watches) uses an oscillating wheel in place of a pendulum. There are four gears between the main spring and the escapement wheel.

    Who Discovered time?

    An Hour - There has been many speculations however, even back as far as the ancient Egyptians 1500 B.C. used Sun Dials to mark the passage of time. They divided the day into 12 as they valued the duodecimal system (base 12). Believed to come from their observation of around 12 Lunar months in a Year.

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