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  • Alexandra Bastedo

    Also Know, did Johnny Marr write any Smiths songs? The majority of the Smiths songs were written by the songwriting partnership of Morrissey and Johnny Marr. Throughout their career, their songs differed from the traditional synth-pop British sound of the early 1980s, instead fusing together 1960s rock and post-punk.

    Secondly, who is on the cover of The Smiths?

    27Rank Rank: British actress Alexandra Bastedo was chosen by the band to adorn the cover of live album Rank.

    What songs did the Smiths cover?

    Best of The Smiths covers

    • Heaven Knows Im Miserable NowSweet And Tender Hooligans.
    • Hand In GloveThis Charming Band • Stop Me If You Think Youve Heard This One Before - A Tribute to The Smiths.
    • Panic (Originally Performed By The Smiths)Selfish Lovers • 1 Cover 2 Others.
    • LondonRancid Polecats • A Tribute To The Smiths - Godfathers Of Change Vol.
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