• Colombia is located in Americas.

    • Colombia can be found in South America, to the south of the Caribbean Sea and Venezuela. Also called the Republic of Colombia, this country is situated to the north of Peru and Ecuador. In the east, Colombia shares borders with Brazil, as well as the southern region of Venezuela. Colombia is the country that connects Central America to South America.

    • Colombia is situated at a latitude of 4.5709° N and a longitude of 74.2973° W. According to the two GPS coordinates of Colombia, Colombia can be found in the northern and western hemispheres, respectively. Likewise, Colombia is situated to the north of the equatorial plane.

    • Colombia's northernmost point is semi-debatable. When looking solely at the country's mainland, Punta Gallinas is the furthest point of Colombia to the north. The coordinate of Punta Gallinas is 12°27' N. Taking offshore locations into consideration, the furthest point of Colombia's northern border is on the Serranilla Bank. This is a reef surrounded by smaller islands in the Caribbean Sea. The latitude of the Serranilla Bank is 15°50' N.

    • Colombia reaches a southern point of extremity at the latitudinal coordinate of 04°14' S. Located in Quebrada de San Antonio, the southernmost point of Colombia is just outside of the Department of Amazonas. More specifically, this point is part of the city of Leticia. In the east, Colombia extends as far as 67°00' W. The easternmost point is along the border that distinguishes between Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

    • To the west, the country's furthest point is also up for debate, just like Colombia's northern point of extremity. On the mainland of Colombia, the furthest point to the west is in the department, Nariño, at a coordinate of 79°00' W. With islands in mind, Colombia extends even further west. The longitude of 81°44' W marks Colombia's most western point. Geographically, this point is just slightly west of the island of San Andrés.

    • The total area of Colombia is made up of 428,380 square miles. About 49,661,732 people currently live in Colombia. Based on the country’s total area and population size, Colombia has a population density of 116 people per square mile of land.

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