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    • Qatar is located in Asia.

    • As a country in West Asia, Qatar is one of seven nations that comprise the Arabian Peninsula. Along with Qatar, the Arabian Peninsula is made up of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    • The GPS coordinates of Qatar are a latitude of 25.3548° N and a longitude of 51.1839° E. Located in the Middle East, Qatar is situated in the northern hemisphere as well as the eastern hemisphere. This positioning tells us that Qatar is located above the equator.

    • Qatar shares borders with two other Asian countries and three bodies of water. In the north, Qatar is surrounded by the Persian Gulf, as is the eastern shore. The Dawhat Salwa Bay is along the western coastline of Qatar. The Gulf of Bahrain is to the west of Qatar as well. The United Arab Emirates share a border with Qatar in the southeast, and Saudi Arabia borders the State of Qatar in the southwest.

    • With a length of 111.85 miles and a width of 52.82 miles, the total area of Qatar is approximately 6,835 square miles. Taking only the entire area into consideration, Qatar is the 158th largest country across the globe. With only 54.68 miles of water areas, the remaining 6780.32 square miles are made up of land. In terms of percentages, Qatar is 99.2% land and 0.8% water.

    • The most recent census of 2018 has found that Qatar has a population of 2,716,008 people. Ranked by population, Qatar is the 148th largest country of the 195 countries in total. With knowledge of the population and the total area, the population density can be configured. With 2,716,008 people living in a country of 6,835 square miles, the population density is 397.36, meaning that there are just about 398 people per square mile in Qatar. Based on population density, in particular, Qatar ranks as the 76th most densely populated place to live in the entire world.

    • The average level of elevation in Qatar decreases the further north you travel. In the southern parts of Qatar, the average altitude is 328 feet above sea level, while the northernmost cities in Qatar are closer to an average of 164 feet above sea level.

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