• Symbols and emblems

    Vice Lord street gangs use a variety of gang graffiti symbols or emblems, to identify themselves and their gang 'turf' including: A hat cocked to the left side. Top hat. Cane. Five-point star - The five points represent (clockwise from top): Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

  • In 1957, the Vice Lords gang was founded by several African American youths originally from the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. The name vice was chosen when a gang founder looked up the term in the dictionary and found the meaning as having a tight hold.

    Additionally, what does a 5 point crown mean? The 5 point crown is a symbol of the Latin Kings gang, one of the biggest hispanic gangs in the US, which originated in 1940s Chicago. The crown tattoo will often be accompanied by the letters ALKN, which means Almighty Latin Kings Nation.

    Herein, what is the oath of vice lord?

    Vice Lord Oath In the name of the Almighty, I solemnly swear that I, as a representative of the Almighty Conservative Vice Lord Nation, will not dishonor my most sacred weapon meaning Lord unity, nor under the threat of death willi deny those who stand beside me.

    What is a female vice lord called?

    A person is a Vice Lord by choice but be initiated into the Almighty Vice Lord nation. Men are referred to as Vice Lords. Women are referred to as Vice Ladies. Chicagos oldest gang and were formed around 1958.

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