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    • Cameroon is located in Africa.

    • As a country in Africa, Cameroon is situated just between the Central and Western Regions of Africa. Officially known as the Republic of Cameroon, this country is surrounded by six other African countries, as well as three bodies of water. In a clockwise direction, starting in the north and circling around to the western border, Cameroon is bordered by the Gulf of Guinea, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, the Bight of Biafra, the Atlantic Ocean, and Nigeria.

    • The latitudinal coordinate of Cameroon is 7.3697° N. The longitude of this country is 12.3547° E. Based on these GPS coordinates, Cameroon is found in the northern and eastern hemispheres. As part of the northern hemisphere, Cameroon is situated above the equator.

    • In the north, Cameroon extends as far as 13°05' N. This particular latitudinal coordinate is on the border that Cameroon shares with Chad. The southernmost point of Cameroon is on the Cameroon-Congo border. Even though this is the most extreme southern point of Cameroon, it lies to the north of the equator. The latitude of the southernmost point is 01°39' N. This point is located in the Boumba-et-Ngoko Department of Cameroon, just outside of the Republic of Congo's city, Ouésso.

    • In the east, Cameroon's furthest point is situated along the border separating the Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, and Cameroon. With a longitude of 16°12' E, the easternmost point of Cameroon is within the limits of the country's official East Region. To the west, the longitude of 8°45' E marks the westernmost point of Cameroon. It can be found along the border shared by Cameroon and Nigeria. The country's southern point of extremity is positioned in the Southwest Region.

    • Cameroon’s total area comes to approximately 183,567 square miles. Of the country’s total mileage, about 182,513 square miles are land and the other 1,054 square miles are water areas. The population of Cameroon is currently 24,998,191 people. Compared to other countries around the world, Cameroon is the 56th most populous. The density of Cameroon is a value of 137 people per square mile of the total area.

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