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    • Paraguay, landlocked country in south-central South America.
    • Paraguay’s recent history has been characterized by turbulence and authoritarian rule.
    • It was involved in two of the three major wars on the continent—the War of the Triple Alliance (1864/65–70), against Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, and the Chaco War (1932–35), against Bolivia.
    • Moreover, a civil war in 1947 and the long dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner (1954–89) left a deep legacy of fear and self-censorship among Paraguayans, who began to overcome those impediments only in the early 21st century.
    • Since 1989 the democratization process has been rocky, and Paraguay has experienced bouts of instability in its military, the assassination of a vice president in 1999, and the indictment of former presidents Juan Carlos Wasmosy (1993–98) and Luis González Macchi (1999–2003) on corruption charges.
    • In 2008 Paraguay’s Colorado Party, the longest continuously ruling political party in the world, lost power for the first time since 1947, though it returned to power in 2013.
    • The national capital is Asunción.

    Paraguay has so much to offer, here are some of the things Paraguay is known for.

    • Carnaval: Partying until well after dawn in hedonistic Encarnación.
    • The Chaco: Watching a jaguar laze in the shade, sleeping under billions of stars.
    • Pilar: Making a difference by volunteering on scientific and social projects in the quaint, colonial City of Birds.
    • Parque Nacional San Rafael: Bird-watching in Paraguay's most biodiverse reserve.
    • Jesuit Missions: Exploring the picturesque remnants of a unique culture.
    • Itaipú Dam: Marvelling at this damned big piece of engineering.
    • The Pantanal Paraguayo: Ogling the animals in Paraguay's corner of this wet wilderness.
    • Yaguarón: Admiring the ornate interior of the Franciscan church.

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