Best restaurants in Somerset County

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    Here are some of the top rated restaurants in Somerset County

    • Woodys (1 Boaz Island, Somerset Village)
    • Port O Call (87 Front Street, Hamilton)
    • Bolero Brasserie (95 Front Street, Hamilton)
    • Art Mels Spicy Dicy (9 St Monicas Road, Hamilton)
    • Tempest Bistro (22 Water Street, St. George)
    • Tom Moores Tavern (7 Walsingham Lane, Hamilton Parish)
    • The Harbourfront (40 Crow Lane, Hamilton)
    • Anchor Restaurant, Bar and Lounge (1 Freeport Road, Somerset Village)
    • Portofino Restaurant (20 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton)
    • Fourways Inn (1 Middle Road, Paget Parish)
    • The Island Brasserie and Tuckers Bar (60 Tuckers Point Drive, Hamilton Parish)
    • Village Pantry (8 North Shore Road, Flatts Village)
    • The Little Venice (Bermudiana Road, Hamilton)
    • Barracuda Grill (5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton)
    • La Trattoria (23 Washington Lane, Hamilton)
    • Frog and Onion Pub (Maritime Ln, Sandys Parish)
    • Angelo’s Bistro (Walker Arcade, Hamilton)
    • Mama Angies Coffee Shop (48 York Street, St. George)
    • Hog Penny (5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton)
    • Blu Bar and Grill (25 Belmont Hills Drive, Warwick Parish)
    • Lobster Pot (6 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton)
    • Rock Island Coffee (48 Reid Street, Hamilton)
    • Rosas Cantina (121 Front Street, Hamilton)
    • KFC (21 Queen Street, Hamilton)
    • Ascots Restaurant (24 Rosemont Avenue, Hamilton)
    • White Horse Pub and Restaurant (8 Kings Square, St. George)
    • Mickeys Beach Bistro and Bar (60 South Shore Road, Paget Parish)
    • Swizzle Inn (3 Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish)
    • Waterlot Inn Restaurant (101 South Road, Southampton Parish)
    • Flanagans Irish Pub (69 Front Street, Hamilton)

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