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  • Tete is the capital city of Tete Province in Mozambique It is located on the Zambezi River, and is the site of two of the four bridges crossing the river in Mozambique A Swahili trade center before the Portuguese colonial era, Tete continues to dominate the west-central part of the country and region, and is the largest city on the Zambezi

  • Nampula is the capital city of Nampula Province in northeastern Mozambique Also known as "The Capital of the North", Nampula is the centre of business in northern Mozambique It has several western-style hotels, restaurants and shopping centres

  • Beira can refer to: Beira (mythology), the mother to all the gods and goddesses in the Celtic mythology of Scotland Beira, Azores, a small village on São Jorge Island Beira (Portugal), the name of a region (and former province) in north-central Portugal; three provinces were later known by the name: Beira Alta Province (extinct) Beira Baixa Province (extinct) Beira Litoral Province (extinct) Beira, Mozambique, a port city in Mozambique Port of Beira, a Mozambican port Beira Railroad Corporation, operating in Mozambique Prince of Beira, a title within the Portuguese royal house Beira (antelope) (scientific name Dorcatragus megalotis), a species of antelope 1474 Beira, an asteroid Beira Lake, a lake in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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