Estonia is mainly a lowland country that is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Latvia, and Russia. It has numerous lakes and forests and many rivers, most draining northward into the Gulf of Finland or eastward into Lake Peipus, its largest lake.

What's happening in Estonia

  • Voru may refer to: Võru, Estonia Voru, Iran (disambiguation) Voru, Tajikistan

  • Viljandi (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈvilʲːjɑnʲːdi]) is a town and municipality in southern Estonia with a population of 17,407 in 2019 It is the capital of Viljandi County and is geographically located between two major Estonian cities, Pärnu and Tartu The town was first mentioned in 1283, upon being granted its town charter by Wilhelm von Endorpe

  • Valga may refer to: Valga, Estonia, a town in Estonia, and its twin town Valka in Latvia Valga, Galicia, a town in Galicia, Spain Valga County, one of 15 counties of Estonia

  • Tartu (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈtɑrtˑu], South Estonian: Tarto) is the second-largest city in Estonia, after the political and financial capital, Tallinn It is 186 kilometres (116 miles) southeast of Tallinn and 245 kilometres (152 miles) northeast of Riga, the capital of Latvia Tartu lies on the Emajõgi river, which connects the two largest lakes in Estonia, Lake Võrtsjärv and Lake Peipus

  • Rakvere is a town in northern Estonia and the capital of Lääne-Viru County, 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea Rakvere is 8th most populous city in Estonia Rakvere has a total area of 10,75 square kilometres, of which about 15% is forest

  • Põlva (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈpɤlˑˈʋɑ]) is a town in southeastern Estonia, the capital of Põlva County, and the centre of Põlva Parish Põlva is home for the Intsikurmu Song Festival Grounds, which regularly hosts concerts and summer activities, situated in a small forested area on the west side of the town

  • Pärnu (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈpærˑnu]) is the fourth largest city in Estonia Situated in southwest Estonia, Pärnu is located 128 kilometres (80 mi) south of the Estonian capital, Tallinn, and 176 kilometres (109 mi) west of Estonia's second largest city, Tartu The city sits off the coast of Pärnu Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Riga, which is a part of the Baltic Sea

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