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  • Kumasi (historically spelled Comassie or Coomassie and usually spelled Kumasi in Twi) is a city in the Ashanti Region, and is among the largest Metropolitan areas in Ghana Kumasi is located in a a rain forest region near Lake Bosomtwe, and is the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of the historical Ashanti Empire Kumasi is approximately 500 kilometres (300 mi) north of the Equator and 200 kilometres (100 mi) north of the Gulf of Guinea

  • Koforidua, also popularly known as K-dua or Kofcity, is a city and the capital of Eastern Region in southern Ghana Koforidua was founded in 1875 by migrants from Ashanti It is also called New Juaben

  • Accra (; Twi: Nkran; Dagbani: Ankara; Ga: Ga or Gaga) is the capital and largest city of Ghana, located on the southern coast at the Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean Accra covers an area of 22567 km2 (87

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