The official language in Madagascar is Malagasy, with French closely finishing second in the most spoken language.Malagasy is the national language of Madagascar, a member of the Austronesian family of languages.MalagasyFrenchEnglish (just included pro forma in the Constitution)Hovaa few traditional popular mixed forms of speakingMalagasy, English and French.Malagasy,English,and FrenchThe animals in the movie spoke English so I believe the main language is English.The three official languages of Madagascar are Malagasy, French and English.arbraticBoth Malagasy and French.Both Malagasy and French.The main languages are English, French and Malagasy but mostly Malagasy.The official languages are Malagasy (which is related to Indonesian) and French. Local dialects are also spoken. English is not widely spoken.malagasyThe three official languages in Madagascar are: Malagasy, French, and English.Source: languages and French and MalagasySpanish166 languages are spoken in Madagascar:1. Comorian2. English3. French4. Madagascar Sign Language5. Malagasy6. MaoreThe 3 official languages are English, Malagasy, and French.French and MalagasyIn Madagascar, people speak English, French, and Malagasy.English, French, Malagasy(all are official)either African or madegastrian, look at Madagascar on wikipedia! do a bit of research!Malagasy is the official language spoken in Madagascar, as stated in the 1992 constitution. Although, many still claim that French is also an official language as stated in the 1958 constitution of the Malagasy Republic.i think its African.if this answer doesnt help you, then there are websites that can tell you that sort of stuff.The Madagascans speak two major languages. One is the Malagasy language, which is an Austronesian language; and the other is French.