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    How do i get a driving license in Hungary?

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    Well, you find a school you like on the internet, or just walk around in the city a bit, and youll see several advertisements. When you decide to start, you first pay the fee which includes the classes and about 30 driving hours. First youll learn the rules and laws that a driver must obey some first aid, than after a successful written test, you will be able to get in a car, and learn step by step to park and park in reverse, to accelerate and decelerate quickly, to turn, to stop and get going again on a slope. After that, youll take a routine examination. And only after that will you be allowed to drive in traffic. Most importantly it is likely that you will learn on a manual gear car. If you finally seem exam able to the instructor, youll take the final test. (By this time you most likely have finished the first aid and passed that test too.) If all this is done, youll just have to do some paperwork and in about 2-3 weeks you can claim your Drivers license. This whole procedure takes about 2-3 months. And it costs about -500 with everything included. Hope I answered everything you wanted to know about this.

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