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    Are you a foodie and love to travel different places to try different meals? If yes, then I have listed down a few of the Halaal foods from all over the world. Of course, every dish represents different identities, cultures or histories. So, are you ready to try new flavors and give your taste buds a treat?

    Take a look at the list below that are absolutely worth travelling for.


    A delicious Turkish dessert that everyone would love to try at once. The nuts filling with sugar syrup and overall the crunchy pastry texture makes it look yummier or mouthwatering.

    Fish and Chips

    Your trip to London is incomplete without trying fish and chips. Believe it or not, you will the taste of fresh fried fish and fries.


    Well, this is best Belgium snack ever. You can choose your topping like whipped cream, nutella, honey, nuts or fruits to enjoy the hot waffles.

    Chicken Rice

    It’s absolutely a must-try dish of Singapore. If you are planning a Singapore trip then don’t forget to give it a try.


    A south Korean beef dish that is served with rice. Well, this is the best ever dish to try when you are in the South Korea.


    An Italian style ice cream that is flavor rich and lower in fat. Made with milk, sugar and cream. Also have fruits and nuts puree that enhance its flavor.


    A Japanese noodle soup which is the most famous meals. Travellers will surely enjoy this yummy soup.


    Well, for most of guys this is not a new dish and I think don’t need any introduction. You must try the best sushi in Tokyo as without trying this amazing food your trip is incomplete.


    A must-try Canadian dish. It includes French fries with topping of cheese curd and light brown gravy.

    Tom Yum

    It’s a hot and sour thai soup includes the seafood. So, if you are planning a next Thailand trip then don’t miss out this delicious soap.

    So, do you guys find the list handy? Share your views in the comment section. What’s your plans for your next trip? Are you going to any of those places?

  • Very interesting post.i have not tried some of these which i will surely try to taste soon!

  • An informative discussion. Letting readers know about variety of foods they can try during travelling. The list will be helpful for the readers who are frequent travelers. they can visit the places to try these Muslim food.

  • Fish and chips and chicken rice, my favorite ones.. will definitely try these when I'll have a next trip.

  • heard a lot about Ramen so would love to try that.. and with cold season coming soon tom yum sounds good too

  • @shanezehra what dishes have you tried and how do they taste would love to knw

  • @shanezehra what dishes have you tried and how do they taste would love to knw

  • @sadia-wali-0 yes Halal foods restaurants have increased around the world with the course of time

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