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    Heading out for a travelling trip? And looking for some best nutrients or vitamins to boost your immune system during flu season? Yes, October is here and most of us usually got sick or end up having a flu shot. However, if you take some best immune boosting vitamins, there will be less chances or risk of illness and infection.
    So, what are those vitamins? Here is a list and try to include in your diet.
    **Vitamin C

    Bell pepper
    Citrus and Kale

    Vitamin E

    Plant oils i.e. soybean, sunflower oil.

    Vitamin B6
    Include Poultry
    Fish i.e. tuna and Salmon
    And some cereals in your diet to get vitamin B6.

    Vitamin D
    Milk and juices are enriched with Vitamin D


    Start taking polyphenols fruits and veggies to fight with infection.

    Beta carotene
    Sweet potatoes

    All contain beta-carotene and help you boost immune system.
    So, adding all these vitamins can reduce the risk of getting sick.

    Do you have all these vitamins in your diet? Or is there anything left in the list? Share your views in the comments how can you get through flu season 2022 while travelling?

  • Very informative!

  • An informative post and best guide for travelers to take care of their health during journey. Travelers come to know about foods that contains vitamins that will help to boost immunity.

  • I always try to include all these food categories in my family daily food. But on traveling I reckon it’s hard to consume such all items specially for kids as they are very picky. So, I always keep honey mixed with powdered ginger, clove, black pepper and onion powder as a remedy for cough and flu for my kids and honestly I will suggest it to everyone as it really does magic!

  • Thankyou for the informational post 👍❤

  • @komal my pleasure😊

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