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    Do you prefer or love travelling to feel comfort, peace of mind, meet new people or to get new experiences? People love travelling because of several of reasons. Share your views in comment section. Also share your recommendation, like which countries considered the best for travelling.

  • Reading the post help me to ponder why I prefer to travel. Usually, I love travelling to feel comfort and get peace of mind. In my opinion, you can go to northern areas of Pakistan. Those places are wonderful, beautiful and attractive scenery fascinates a traveler, bringing tranquility and a calm state of mind.

  • It’s human nature to explore new things. I reckon traveling fresh-up’s your mind as well as your soul!

  • I love to travel for my peace of mind ✨

  • I love travelling to explore new places 😍 it is always a pleasure wether travelling to home country or new paces😎

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