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    Pros of Living in Cape Town

    ✅ Lots of fun stuff to do

    ✅ Warm now

    ✅ Warm in the spring

    ✅ Good air quality on average

    ✅ Nomad List members liked going here

    ✅ Many Nomad List members here all year round

    ✅ Spacious and not crowded

    ✅ Easy to make friends

    ✅ High quality of education

    ✅ Good hospitals

    ✅ Great freedom of speech

    ✅ Democratic

    ✅ Everyone speaks English

    ✅ Safe for women

    ✅ Family friendly

    ✅ Very friendly to LGBTQ+

    ✅ Not many people smoke tobacco

    Cons of Living in Cape Town

    ❌ Expensive

    ❌ Not safe at all

    ❌ Pretty slow internet

    ❌ Difficult to do business

    ❌ Roads can be dangerous

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    Beautiful place but the crime is really bad. You can't really enjoy it at night and you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings. Im not sure how this ended up in the top 10 on NomadList.

  • Totaled almost 4 months here last year. Amazing nature and hiking nearby if that's your thing - you should definitely consider visiting. Probably most beautiful city on Earth. The wealth divide can be depressing and there are serious issues with crime but with some vigilance and street smarts you can mostly avoid it. It is also a surprisingly affordable place and has some great food options.

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    I really enjoyed Cape Town and was there for May/June. Overall it was an incredible experience for me, a real adventure. I'd highly recommend. Pros -It's one of the most beautiful cities on earth, cheap compared to Europe, beaches, surfing, vineyards, wildlife (I did cage shark diving and a safari in Addo), world class hiking (do lions head sunrise and sunset) also uber is cheap (£1.50 for most of my rides). Negatives - are the crime, depressing wealth/racial inequality, not recommended to go out alone at night, and in winter goes dark at 6pm, so go in summer. The nomad community isn't big but there is a FB group so join this. Also I'd say a co working space is necessary due to load shedding, and the wifi was on average 12-15mbps for me (this review below about 550mbps is inaccurate, and I worked in a couple of co working spaces)

  • I stayed in Cape Town for 5 months and loved every minute of it. The work life balance is fantastic after work there's the beach or countless options to walk or hike, everything accessible from the middle of the city. Wifi is so so, but never had an issue to work with a sim card / mobile phone hotspot as a backup. So many great restaurants and coffee shops. I mostly worked from coffee shops, but there are also lots of co working spaces. Safety is an issue, yes, but you just have to be smart (ie don't walk alone after dark, don't flash your valuables). Got myself a pepper spray and had it with me at all times, but I'm more vulnerable as a solo female. Best neighborhoods to stay in are Sea Point and Green Point. I'm on a German salary and found it pretty cheap. People are super friendly. It's one of the greatest l cities in the world to me and I will certainly go back.

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    ~1 year ago I lived here. There's plenty of things to do with the most beautiful nature nearby and lots of cafes to work from with decent wifi. Sadly crime is bad don't go out when it's dark and in certain areas or you will get at a minimum robbed.

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    This place should be number 1 on the Nomad list. Can’t fathom why the internet score is so low! We got anywhere from 100mbps upload and download in most cafe’s to 550mbps up and download in our apartment! The internet is blazing fast! The cost of living is great compared to places like Mexico which is becoming so expensive. I’d say it’s on par with COL in Canggu. The people are super friendly the food is incredible and cheap! The views and endless amounts of things to do just blows your mind. The weather is IMO some of the best in the world between the months of November to April. We stayed in Sea Point, Die Waterkant, and Camps Bay and we felt totally safe here. Obviously like most places. Don’t walk to bad places at night, stay with the crowds and you’ll be fine. Enjoy Cape Town🌞

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    Currently living here. There is lovely nature but unfortunately tons of litter every where. Good restaurants which you can only enjoy in the day because of crime not wise to go out at night. Internet is also often not fast or not at all with load shedding happening. Load shedding is when they switch electricity off. From a money point of view I don't find it cheap. Only the eating out part is cheaper than Vienna.

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    I stayed in Cape Town for 3 months end of 2021 and loved every minute of it. We rented a villa in Camps Bay = the BEST suburb ever. I felt like I was on a tropical island with the beach on one side and the mountain with a lot of glorious hikes on the other. Internet speed was amazing uncapped fibre with up to 100mbps. We mostly cooked from home as the grocery store was walking distance, but the restaurants in Cape Town is so so good - and so cheap too. Crime was not an issue, we never felt unsafe, but we are all streetwise so would not walk anywhere stupid or do stupid things to attract attention. The crime in Camps Bay is non violent, mostly petty crime too. I will make this a regular stop on my nomadic work journey.

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