• Do you know that your brain requires a lot of energy for proper brain function? Of course, you need a nutrition content diet. All you need to include the best foods to boost your brain health.

    Here in this video there is a list of brain boosting foods that help you improve memory performance or overall brain function. For more details and benefits of all those foods, do watch the video!

    Black beans
    Almond butter
    Brussel Sprout, Broccoli and cauliflower
    Cherry tomatoes
    Pumpkin seeds
    Dark Chocolate

    Do you already follow this diet? If not, try eating these foods to boost your memory and conserve energy for better work. Share your point of views what you usually eat for proper brain functioning?

  • Indeed the most needed food. I mostly consume dark chocolate and berries to boost the brain function.

  • I mostly take almond and black beans to boast my brain health.

  • well almonds like good old grannies soaked overnight and eaten in the morning first things is a no brainer to help your brain function good

  • @faizanaseem18 what abt plain chock does tht help ?

  • Nice post

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