• Things to do during a long flight

    No doubt, long flights can be dreadful. However, there are some tips and tricks that help you make you flight enjoyable. Sharing a video where you can find some really helpful tips that you can implement for your upcoming long flight.

    Do take a rest before you go
    Upgrade your seat
    Once you are on board, try to be comfortable
    Dress right
    Try to pack good gear
    Pass the time
    Do eat and drink right
    Move around
    Arrive fresh

    Do you guys have some any other tips? Share your tips and tricks what you usually do during a long-haul flight. It would be helpful for the travelers.

  • Keep your favorite book with you. It will help you to kill the time. Always keep a shawl with you even you are traveling in hot weather because sometimes it becomes little cold at airports.

  • 👍 Good tips! Also keep the minimum handcarry on board.

    1. Movies
    2. Movies
    3. Eat
    4. Sleep
    5. Repeat

  • An helpful post for travelers. The video offers useful tips and that help you enjoy a long flight. Watching the video will guide you to plan before making a long trip. For instance, you should rest before the flight that keeps you fresh. The next thing is to wear comfortable clothes that make you feel better during long journey. During flight, choose a relaxing seat and pass time in reading an interesting book, .listening to music or watching film.

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