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    Do you know that our words carry a lot of power? It is crucial to always choose the right words in order to communicate with others. However, most often we never think before speak. And our words can become the reason for someone’s broken heart or someone’s pain. Remember, our words can either build or break a person.

    So, always think before you speak and choose your words wisely. Don’t let your words become the reason of someone’s pain. Be sure your words turn into joy or happiness for someone.

    What about you folks? Do you choose your words wisely? Or do you think before you talk to anyone? Share your views here in a comment box.

  • Words cause more deep wounds than a sword! So we should always speak wisely.

  • @berha-aqsa so true

  • An inspiring post that help readers to reflect upon an important i.e. to think before speaking. as most of us don't care and speak harsh words that hurt others emotions. It is rightly said our words can become the reason for someone’s broken heart or someone’s pain or may help a broken soul to gain positive encouragement to come back to life and began enjoying the loftiest moments of life.

  • Offcourse! Think before you leap! 😊

  • Well said!

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