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    What are some things to do when visiting Iceland?

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    Iceland is an amazing place for a tourist. First, dont miss riding an Icelandic Pony, even if you are not a rider. You may go on a trail ride with ponies that simply follow behind the leader. Mostly you will walk but they will make the pony do the famous trot. Typically horses have four gaits: walk, trot, cantor and gallop. In Iceland they have a fourth. This is a lot of fun because it is faster than walking but slower than running. The country is full of beautiful waterfalls, rivers and even geysers. The best way to see all this is by taking a road trip all the way around Iceland. Easily achievable in a week, but even better for a fortnight trip if you want to take in every stop along the way. It is simple to rent a car at the airport or in the capital after a night or 2 to take in the sights there- then hit the road! A good place to look to get you on the right track is this short but very informative guide about taking a road trip around Iceland. The thermal activity is quite high so visiting a few sites with steamy water coming out of the ground is a must! They even heat their homes with this! Rent a car a go on a drive to visit several sites like this in a day. Two continental plates meet in Iceland creating a spectacular crack in the earth. You may walk along it for miles as it is not too deep. It is almost like walking in a small canyon. In Reykjavik the capital you should spend an evening at the Volcano Show where you can learn about the volcanic activity underground and see how recently some of the island was formed! You are able to attend folklore shows with people of all ages dressed in typical historic outfits dancing for your entertainment. The live music scene in Reykjavik is popular as well. You may see live music any night of the week. Before you go, read a few Icelandic sagas. These are the legends of the early days of the country and speak about the people. It will give you some true insight into the culture.

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