• There are around 15 holidays observed in Chad.

    Here is the list of holidays in 2021

    • Friday Jan 01, 2021 New Years Day
    • Monday Mar 08, 2021 International Womens Day
    • Monday Apr 05, 2021 Easter Monday
    • Saturday May 01, 2021 Labour Day (International Workers Day)
    • Thursday May 13, 2021 Korité (End of Ramadan)
    • Friday May 14, 2021 Korité Holiday ()
    • Tuesday Jul 20, 2021 Tabaski (Feast of the Sacrifice)
    • Wednesday Aug 11, 2021 Independence Day (National Day)
    • Tuesday Oct 19, 2021 Prophets Birthday (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad)
    • Monday Nov 01, 2021 All Saints Day
    • Sunday Nov 28, 2021 Republic Day
    • Monday Nov 29, 2021 Republic Day (in lieu)
    • Wednesday Dec 01, 2021 Freedom and Democracy Day
    • Saturday Dec 25, 2021 Christmas Day
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