• Fiji is located in Oceania.

    • Fiji is an archipelago in the Oceania Region in the southern Pacific Ocean. Called the Republic of Fiji officially, it is located in an area known as Melanesia. As an island country, Fiji is surrounded by bodies of water in every direction. However, there are still other islands and nations nearby. To the north lies the Polynesian island of Tuvalu. Other surrounding areas are:

    • Fiji is located at a latitude of 17.7134° S and a longitude of 178.0650° E. The GPS coordinates of Fiji place the island in the eastern hemisphere as well as the southern hemisphere. Fiji is 13 hours ahead of Global Mountain Time (GMT).

    • The highest level of elevation in Fiji is at the very top of Mount Tomanivi. Located in the northern part of Fiji, the dormant volcano has an altitude of 4,344 feet above sea level. Since Fiji is an island in the Pacific Ocean, every boundary of the island borders a body of water. Therefore, the lowest point of elevation in Fiji is 0 feet, because the coasts are directly at sea level.

    • With a total area of 7,056 square miles of land, Fiji does not have any dedicated regions to rivers, basins, lakes, or streams. The primary water source for Fiji is the Pacific Ocean, which is accessible from every shore along the coasts of the island. Looking at the total area, Fiji is considered the 151st largest country in terms of physical size.

    • As of 2018, Fiji has a population of roughly 915,039 people. In comparison to the rest of the world, the population of Fiji only accounts for 0.01% of the world’s population. On a list ranking countries by population, Fiji can be found at placeholder number 161. In other words, Fiji is the 40th least populous country on Earth.

    • Calculations can find the population density of Fiji. When you divide the population by the total area, your result is the population density in terms of people per square mile. Looking at Fiji, the population density equates to 129.68, though this is rounded to the nearest whole number. Approximately 130 people are living per square mile in Fiji.

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