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    Is the crime rate higher in Pakistan or US?

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    AnswerAccording to the INTERPOL data, for murder, the rate in 2000 was 6.86 per 100,000 population for Pakistan, 1.10 for Japan, and 5.51 for USA. For rape, the rate in 2000 was 1.69 for Pakistan, compared with 1.78 for Japan and 32.05 for USA. For robbery, the rate in 2000 was 6.49 for Pakistan, 4.08 for Japan, and 144.92 for USA. For aggravated assault, the rate in 2000 was 4.1 for Pakistan, 23.78 for Japan, and 323.62 for USA. For burglary, the rate in 2000 was 11.1 for Pakistan, 233.60 for Japan, and 728.42 for USA. The rate of larceny for 2000 was 15.53 for Pakistan, 1401.26 for Japan, and 2475.27 for USA. The rate for motor vehicle theft in 2000 was 2.3 for Pakistan, compared with 44.28 for Japan and 414.17 for USA. The rate for all index offenses combined was 48.07 for Pakistan, compared with 1709.88 for Japan and 4123.97 for USA.Answer:I find that Interpol and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime keep crime statistics by type of crime. A comparison of overall crime rates between Pakistan and the US isnt really possible due to the fact that acts considered a crime in one country may not be considered a crime in the other. Reporting of crimes, investigation of crimes, and processing crimes through each justice system is also not comparable. Any numbers reported may have been compiled from far different sources or based on different criteria. Only generalities can be compared between these two countries.

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