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    • Hong Kong is located in Asia.

    • Hong Kong is a territory located in the southeast of China. The official name of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Located in eastern Asia, Hong Kong is southeast of China, also known as the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong shares borders with more than one significant body of water as well as well as China.

    • Hong Kong has a population of approximately 7,455,564 people. The total area of Hong Kong is 1,063 square miles. The population density is a value calculated by dividing the population of Hong Kong by the entire area. In doing that, we come up with a value of 7,023.7, which rounds to 7,013 people per square mile. Hong Kong ranks as the 4th most dense country in terms of the relationship between population and total area.

    • The GPS coordinates of Hong Kong are 22.3964° N, and 114.1095° E. Hong Kong is broken up into three territories. The New Territories are located in the northern region of Hong Kong. To the south lies Hong Kong Island. The Kowloon Peninsula is also in the south, but it is north of Hong Kong Island. Unlike Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula is part of the mainland of Hong Kong.

    • A few bodies of water surround Hong Kong. The Tsing Yi Lagoon is located in the south of Hong Kong, just outside of the Tsing Yi Island. The Pearl River trickles down through Hong Kong where it eventually becomes part of the South China Sea, another body of water that surrounds the border of Hong Kong.

    • Beyond the water along the coasts of Hong Kong, there are numerous other water sources within the confines of Hong Kong’s boundaries.

    • The highest point of elevation is located in the New Territories Region of Hong Kong. Tai Mo Shan, a coastal peak central to the New Territories, reaches an altitude of 3,139.76 feet above sea level. The lowest point of elevation in Hong Kong is along the southern border, where the land meets the water of the South China Sea. This point is 0 feet above sea level, seeing that it is level with the sea.

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