• What forced the British to leave India?

  • The decline of British Empire had started much earlier than that when the British were forced to leave India.After they were denied by the American people its supremacy, British tried to exploit other countries like South Africa, Australia and Asia.In the World War II, England was badly destroyed. It lost its position of the most powerful country and was financially and economically shattered. With billions in debt, it was not in a state to manage the massive Indian empire due to the financial loss incurred during the war.The revolutionaries in India and abroad created an atmosphere where the British did not find them safe while in India.The people were vigorously protesting, revolting, and fighting for freedom.These major factors pressurised the English people to leave India and go back to the place they belonged to.The Indian departure was the end of the British Empire and one after another country got freedom from their loot and mis-rule.

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